Welcome to Infinite Wellness Chiropractic! If you’re searching the internet for a chiropractor, you may be frustrated from dealing with mainstream health care’s management of disease and are looking for true health restoration the way nature intended – with no side effects.  You’ve found it!

Our services focus around these 4 fundamental pillars:

  • Physical – For optimal health and vitality, proper care of the spine is vital.
  • Biochemistry – Good nutrition is key to both mental and physical health.  What you eat influences how your body works and how you feel.
  • Bioenergetic – Many things can drain a person’s energy, we help to get it back!
  • Emotional – Stress affects us all, but how we deal with it is the key.  When we store it in our body, it has lasting negative effects on our health.

We are committed to serving the true health care needs of our patients with the highest quality natural care.  This includes nutritional supplements, dietary changes, exercise and lifestyle counseling, chiropractic care, various tools including Class 3 Laser, and the most important of all, education!  We focus on empowering our patients to achieve their highest level of health possible.

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