As a holistic natural doctor, I am often asked, “Why is nutrition important for healing?”  In this article, I want to address this question in three key points to help everyone understand why what you put into your body matters so much and why you must stay vigilant in regard to your health.

Point number one: everything is energy.  To understand how food works, we need to take a moment to define energy and understand it in the sense of quantum physics (the study of energy).  Energy is loosely defined as the ability to do work.  This means a low amount of energy equals very little work accomplished and high energy means a large amount of work is accomplished.  Atoms are the basic building blocks of everything in our universe and they all exist at the quantum level.  Atoms are pure energy, not matter.

Another key aspect is how matter is formed by the bonds created between the atoms as they link together in different ways.  The chair you are sitting on is made entirely of energy, but you won’t fall through the chair because the bonds between the atoms are so strong you can’t pass through it.  Why do logs burn when you light them on fire?  It is because the tree captures the energy of the sunlight and when it is ignited the stored solar energy is released as the bonds are broken.  When all the stored energy is released, ashes are the only thing left over.

Point number two: You have energy.  Your mind, your body, and your gut microbes all have energy.  Food has energy too.  When you add the right forms of food energy into your body, your body can use them to make you stronger and more vital by making more powerful energetic bonds.  This creates a greater capacity to do work.  When you add the wrong forms of energy into your body, your body makes bonds that are weaker or may even cause the body to break energetic bonds entirely.  This creates a lowered ability to do work.  Thus, the quality of nutrition a person consumes directly affects his or her ability to do work.

How do poisons work?  Poisons are substances that cause illness, injury or death.  Poisons work by destroying your energy.  Poisons dismantle the body’s ability to make strong and stable bonds to enable a person to accomplish work, including staying alive.  For example, cyanide is extremely deadly to humans because when it comes in contact with human blood the cyanide destroys the ability of hemoglobin to transport oxygen to the cells of the body.  Without oxygen, a person cannot perform the normal cell function of gathering energy from food and the person dies very quickly.  Mercury is another example of a poison because it will dismantle nerve cellular bonds instantly.  When the nervous system falls apart, chaos and disease is the result.  The exact same concept of energy degradation can be said for such things as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, preservatives, and processed foods because they all break energetic bonds and bring your energy down.

Point number three: If you want to create a body that functions at its best you must pay attention to what is entering your body through your mouth.  Foods that are high quality and high in energy make you feel good, right?  The reason is because they strengthen the bonds within your body.  You quite literally feel stronger after consuming something really good for you, such as an organic green apple fresh off the tree.  A strong body is made by giving it unprocessed vital foods that increase your energy.  Just like the example of the burning log releasing stored energy from the sun, your digestive system will break down and release the stored energy in the nutrition you feed it.

Homeopathic and herbal supplements are concentrated forms of certain foods known to exert levels of energy so high that they will overcome and eliminate the poisons that destroy the body’s energy.  As another example, formaldehyde (CH2O) is another toxic poison and does not belong in a human body.  A person who suffers with this form of poisoning cannot be treated using pharmaceuticals.  Adding more chemicals will only lower the body’s ability to eliminate the formaldehyde because it further weakens the bonds.  Rather, the herb extract known as Oregon Grape has the correct frequency, vibration and power needed to neutralize and eliminate poisonous formaldehyde due to the way the plant is able to capture the nutrients from the soil in combination with the light of the sun.  The nutrients within the Oregon grape are released upon consumption and lift the person’s ability to accomplish the work.

What is the takeaway from this article?  Energy is food, and food is energy.  If you want to increase your energy and heal your body, you must consume foods that are fresh, unprocessed, and brimming with wholesome energy.  Avoid substances that are toxic, processed and poisonous.  If you encounter them, don’t reach for pharmaceuticals; take natural remedies that increase your energy and repair the damage.  You can achieve the healing you desire if you just keep making the right decisions each day.  Never give up and never underestimate the healing power of good nutrition!

Dr. Dan McDonald, DC

Last updated 2/22/20