Why did I become a holistic chiropractor?  Many people have asked me this question, and I try to give every new patient a 30 second story of why I do what I do.  In this article, I will go into a little more detail to help others understand why I am so committed to natural health care.

According to my medical records, I was given a polio vaccine on May 5th, 1982.  The sheet my mother found says oral trivalent, but that is incorrect.  The one I was given that day was administered as a shot into my bloodstream.  As I found out later, that particular vaccine was created using monkey kidneys that were contaminated with Simian Virus 40 (SV40).  By 1983, my right eye was completely blind and at times, quite painful.  The ophthalmologist diagnosed my condition as Coate’s Diease, which is an autoimmune disorder where the immune destroys the blood vessels and retina of the eye.

Following this diagnosis, I soon became a usual visitor at the medical offices.  I was the unhappy recipient of various medications and steroid eyedrops that were used to control my particular disease condition.  I had many terrifying experiences of being put under total anesthesia to perform examinations on my eye.  In spite of all that was done, by the time I was in 5th grade the pain in my eye had become totally unbearable and surgery was required.  Lasers were used to cauterize the destruction, ending the extreme pain, but making the eye entirely unsalvageable.  To this very day, I remain 100% blind in my right eye.

The other major impetus that pushed me into the pursuit of a natural health career was growing up alongside my younger brother Justin.  Justin was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) around the age of 3 and was very difficult to live with growing up.  Our home was frequently in a state of chaos because he would be very disruptive to normal everyday life.  Sudden temper flare ups, destroying objects, odd compulsive activities such as chewing on his shirt until it was soaking wet all over, or crying because the sun was shining, or running out of the house if someone sat in his spot at the dinner table were some of the challenges that all of the family members dealt with.  Later, I found out about the connection between vaccines and autism and I knew I had to learn more about it.

During my first year in college as I was searching for a better way to help people heal without the use of drugs or surgery, my mother happened to introduce to yet another doctor- this time, a chiropractor.  As I soon learned, chiropractic is the largest licensed natural healing profession in the world and they strongly believe in enhancing the body’s inborn ability to heal without the use of pharmaceuticals.  I struggled with awful headaches and I decided to give it a try while I was home for the summer.  I got adjusted and my headaches faded away.  I was hooked!  I enrolled in chiropractic school and the rest is history.

Today, my philosophy is to use only the best and most powerful therapies that nature has to offer.  All of the natural healing substances in my practice have been selected because of their therapeutic value.  I desire only to help each person I meet to break free of the shackles imposed on them by the medical field, as I also have done.  I do not yet have restored eye sight in my right eye, but I never give up.  I believe that one day, I will have it back.