The ends cannot justify the means.”  - Bishop Athanasius Schneider

My friends, we live in interesting times.  The CCP virus, the lockdown measures, and the current socio-political climate has fundamentally changed the dynamics of our lives in ways we never would have imagined at this time one year ago.  We have collectively learned so much and traveled through such intense and dangerous waters… what is our next big challenge?  It is the new SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

If you happened to read my open letter to MN Governor Tim Walz last month, you would have understood my thoughts in regard to the current lockdown measures.  You should be keenly aware how the facts appear to be incongruent with many of the steps taken to combat the pandemic.  To date, I have not received a response from Governor Walz.  The media keeps relentlessly broadcasting that vaccines are the only hope for survival from the mess we are in.  This will likely lead to a forced vaccination policy for every man, woman, and child in our country.  No exceptions!

As a natural holistic chiropractor, I have a different perspective on healthcare.  In my office, patients never receive a prescription for drugs, surgeries, or shots.  I subscribe to none of these treatments.  I am not saying there is never a place for any of these modalities; I am saying they reside outside the scope of my license.  Instead, I rely solely on the healing power of the body as our Creator designed it.  I seek ways to remove healing interference (stressors) and increase the abundance of vitality (remedies).  With the arrival of the new Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, I was asked by a few of my patients where I stand on the issue, since this will likely be a significant stressor.

After carefully weighing both sides, my wife and I made the decision not to accept the coronavirus vaccine.  I strongly recommend that each person does their research and takes time to review the data that is available.  As you do your reading, please keep in mind one thing: Follow the money.  It is important to understand where funding is coming from to help you determine the author’s bias.  If Pharma paid the scientist’s salary, you might want to know that.

In this article, I want to present information that could help you come to an informed decision.  Much of my data is learned by observing and working each day with patients in a clinical setting.

I have been in private practice now for over thirteen years.  I have examined thousands of patients over that time and I have accumulated much empirical data (data gained from experience) that shows a strong correlation between receiving certain vaccines and a sharp decline in vitality.

Why is this?  There are two main reasons that I know of.

The first reason is the method the doctors use to introduce the infectious agent to the body: a syringe.  The immune system never responds appropriately to an infectious agent when it is injected with a needle into the bloodstream.  Simply put, this is not the normal route for any pathogen to enter the body.  The result is the immune system gets very confused because crucial steps in identifying and activating a response to the pathogen get skipped.  Without a proper response, the immune system doesn’t do what it is you want it to do.  Therefore, you get no benefit from the vaccine.  This is why vaccine makers need to put adjuvants (such as aluminum salts) in the shots to hyperexcite the inflammatory response.  If they did not, there wouldn’t be an antibody response.  This is also where things get dangerous: when you purposely crank up a person’s inflammation, he/she can stay hyperinflamed permanently.  Chronic inflammation is linked to almost every disease known!

In the new Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines that have come out, an adjuvant is not used.  Rather than use an adjuvant, scientist have made the coronavirus vaccines vastly different.  The new type of vaccine is designed to change a person’s genetic code to express the spike protein or parts of the spike protein, i.e., the receptor binding domain, as the immunogenic determinant.  Your DNA will be altered for life.

The second reason why vaccines can be destructive is many of the ingredients are highly toxic.  I always recommend to patients to take time and read the vaccine insert (the paper that comes with the shot) thoroughly before you get it.  This is the one place they will disclose the ingredients and the known negative side effects.  It can be a shock what you will learn is inside the vaccines.  Vaccines can contain aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, antibiotics, polysorbate-80, GMOs, animal proteins and DNA, glyphosate and other substances that are potentially dangerous when injected.

However, the most egregious, in my opinion, is the use of aborted fetal cells.  The vaccine makers have created many of the vaccines by growing them on the remains of slaughtered children.  A study by the Italian group Corvelva showed that the full genetic profile of the person who was harvested exists within the Priorix Tetra MRC-5 vaccine cell line.  Not just fragments!  The whole human genome is in there.  Corvelva also showed that the cell line in use today is highly mutated from the form it was in when it was harvested in 1966.  This means it has become more mutagenic over time.  What does that mean?  It means it becomes more likely to cause cancer.

What happens when foreign human genetic material is injected into someone’s bloodstream?  The same thing that happens when you get an organ transplant: rejection followed by autoimmunity.  The foreign chromosomes incorporate themselves into the human host cells and the immune ceases to recognize that part of the body as self.  This leads to chronic autoimmunity against that body part… the only difference from one person to the next is where the genetic material embeds itself.  I have observed this countless times in practice.  Chronic thyroid problems, joint problems, prostate problems, brain problems, you name the condition, but it all goes to back to one cause- the aborted baby’s DNA contained in the vaccine.

Both Pfizer and Moderna used aborted fetal cells to perform their experiments in the process of creating the vaccines.  Whether there is aborted fetal DNA tainted in the actual final product, I do not know yet.  Regardless, if murdering innocent children was involved in the creation of these vaccines, you can count me out.  As Bishop Schneider said, “The ends cannot justify the means.”

Three weeks ago, I listened to a webinar with one of the most prolific vaccine injury attorneys in the United States, Alan Phillips.  In the webinar, Alan answered a question for me that I have been wondering about for some time now: will we be force vaccinated?  The answer is YES.  Rather than go into details, I recommend you check out Alan’s website at and sign up for his mailing list.  He has some great ideas that he is working on to help us out.  I also recommend Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s website Children’s Health Defense for more great info you can trust, including a really great video and PowerPoint presentation.

If you are worried that you or a loved one will be forced to take the shot against your better judgment, I highly recommend preparing ahead of time using homeoprophylaxis to energize and train your system to deal with the toxic shock.  We have a product called Vac-Chord that can be taken without any negative effects.  Simply call the office at 763-657-1285 and order one or more for your family (generally one bottle per person).

More to come.  Stay tuned.

Dr. Dan McDonald, DC

Updated 1/3/21