Did you know that Earth is called the green planet because of the abundance of plants? Without plants we – humans and the environment – could not exist. They clean our air, provide food, water, clothing, medicine, shelter and even contributes to the economy.  They may be small, but they are powerful!

Plants provide the main food source for humans. Vegetables, fruits, grains, leaves, and seeds all come from plants. Not only do plants provide us with the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy diet but many have carbohydrates and fats that provide the substances our bodies need. Plants are also the largest provider of fabrics and textiles. These eco-friendly materials such as cotton, jute, and even yarn give us items we use every day, such as T-shirts, towels, blankets to name a few.

Plants are an amazing source medicine for common health concerns; consider PSC® Embryonic Plant Extracts. These plants are harvested in the wild in the Apennine Mountains in Italy Only fresh, never dried or frozen embryonic plant tissue is used and combined with organic solvents for maceration.

Time-tested and proven effective dietary supplements, they contain more nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals than any other extracts; there is a higher concentration of anti-inflammatory fatty acids, amino acids, nucleic acids, immune hormones and embryonic plant stem cells.

Our therapeutic approach is different from conventional medicine because we focus on improving the foundations of health, rather than treating a symptom/disease.  Our services include:  Holistic Reflex Analysis® ReflexesMorphogenic Field Technique and Advanced BioStructural CorrectionTM. Our patients benefit from the use of PSC® Embryonic Plant Extracts, as well as a number of other plant-based dietary supplements.