Skin/Rash Reviews

Skin Falling Off

"My feet has contracted something which made them painful and produced large fissures and large patches of skin that would come off. I had a very difficult time walking and took painkillers to make it through my 8 hour shift at the hospital. I had seen a general family practice physician who recommended a podiatrist who recommended several different dermatologist. None of these doctors were able to fix my feet. The only physician who briefly healed my feet was a dermatologist who prescribed high dose, very expensive steroids which I would need to take for the rest of my life (a biologic medication). Depression has set in because prior to all this I would run regularly and had finished several half marathons. I was told I would never run again. 12 months from the beginning of my painful journey I went to see Dr. Dan because "what could it hurt?". He took a skeptical, sad, nurse who had high requirements of him! I took the supplements exactly as dosed for me, I saw him regularly, and ate/avoided the food suggested. 24 months after the beginning of my painful journey I ran a teary mile for the first time! What a joyous day! I thought I would never come to this day and here I was running!!!! It took time and commitment by Dr. Dan helped heal my feet, among other things along the way and I do not have to take painkillers or steroids for the rest of my life just to get through! Thank you Dr. Dan!"