In August of this year, Children’s Health Defense won a landmark lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission.  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, Esq. and Dafna Tachover, Esq. submitted over 11,000 pages of scientific data and proved in court the weight of the evidence is clear that 5G radiation is toxic to humans.

How is it toxic?  Here is the simplest way I can summarize it: the human nervous system normally operates between 1 and 4 Hz/sec brain waves while sleeping, and 10 and 38 Hz/sec brain waves while awake.  5G operates between 60 and 90 billion Hz/sec.  Humans who are subjected to this intense level of radiofrequency experience an overload in their nervous system as do animals and plants.

To reiterate the meaning of the quote from Fred Barge, there has to be garbage present to set up an environment conducive to flies.  5G is the highly suppressive energetic garbage.  In clinical practice, I find 5G radiation sickness is a major underlying factor as to why human nervous and immune systems are dysfunctional.  And it gets worse.

Recently, I discovered there is also another form of radiation that is becoming an even greater threat: radiation from satellites.  There is a company called SpaceX headed by Elon Musk and this company rolled out a project known as Operation Starlink.  As I understand it, the chief goal of Operation Starlink is to create a worldwide wireless network of low-orbit satellites. For around $100 a month, you can pay to get cell phone reception and data stream anywhere on the planet.

Outwardly, this doesn’t sound like a bad idea.  However, there is one serious hang-up… the radiation generated by the satellites beams down on the earth and randomly blasts us with a very powerful energy that also causes breakdown in the human nervous system.  And because SpaceX is launching more satellites into space every year, the incidence of these energy blasts is increasing at an alarming rate.

To date, I have never seen a single safety study that says it’s okay to bombard humans and other living creatures with radiation blasts from the sky.  If you ever see one, please let me know!

There are days at my office where I will have as many as five healing programs derailed as a direct result of this new type of cosmic irradiation.  I am not understating when I say it is a HUGE problem.


This new threat from the sky has forced me to reinvent how I handle radiation sickness, and more importantly, how to prevent it from crashing a healing program.  As usual, the infinite goodness that is God has delivered me an answer that I wish to share with all of you.

In the late 1970s there was a nuclear meltdown in Ukraine called Chernobyl.  Since that time, humans cannot live in the area- it is far too dangerous due to the high levels of radioactivity.  More recently, scientists discovered there are different species of animals that have adapted to life in a nuclear wasteland.  The Siberian wolf lives there and does not suffer from cancer or from birth defects as one would suspect.  Rather, the microflora that lives inside the animal has somehow gained the ability to consume radiation, thus neutralizing it.


Exactly how the microbiome of the wolf does this, I do not fully understand.  I don’t think anyone does yet.  But I had an amazing idea: what if I could reshape someone’s flora to do the exact same thing?  Is it possible for humans to take on this amazing probiotic supporter?

It would be great to take a sample of the wolf’s droppings and send them to a lab for analysis.  Then we could isolate the exact microorganism that is doing this.  However, I seem to have a shortage of Chernobyl wolves to study here in Minnesota, so I made myself become the first guinea pig in my experiment.  I energetically studied my own flora and came up with a plan.  Here’s what I did.


This is me standing around 50 feet from a 5G radiation tower not far from my home in the summer of 2020.  Yep, it’s a doozy- a triple decker beacon of toxicity.  Within 5 minutes, I could tell I did not feel well at all!  I promptly left the area and proceeded to explore ways to enhance my microbiome to handle the energy waves.  I made the necessary changes over three weeks’ time and proceeded to return to the exact same spot.  This time, after nearly 30 minutes standing in front of the tower I could handle the radiation without any trouble.

Here is my recipe, which I have done with nearly 50 patients, and it has never once failed.

As soon as a person has a functional microbiome (meaning good probiotic flora can colonize and not be destroyed), there are two products necessary to achieve radiation immunity.  Both are made by Systemic Formulas:

  1. Dermacolonizer – a probiotic lotion, the only one of its kind on the market .
  2. MORS Liquid – a methyl donor to help change the epigenetic expression of the flora.

For this to work, the MORS liquid needs to be laser amplified with the digital energy of radiation-neutralizing rocks.


Directions: Over the course of 14 days as a person rubs 15 to 20 drops of the lotion on their lower abdomen and consumes 3 squirts twice daily of the amplified MORS.  The microbiome thus changes and takes on the ability to consume radiation.

This effectively creates a protective shield against both 5G and Satellite radiation!  This protection will stay with the person for life. (The only exception is if the gut flora is sterilized.  If the flora is destroyed it cannot provide protection.)  But think about it for a moment: Tesla rocks, energetic pendants, cell phone stickers, etc. ultimately become obsolete because the shield is built into you.  It’s a beautiful thing!

The microbes in our gut are here to serve us, but we must care for them and nurture them.  In return, they will reward us with amazing health.

Please contact my office if you have questions or are interested in following this unique and innovative protocol that I have developed.  My staff is well trained and happy to assist you.



Daniel McDonald, DC

Updated 11/16/21