Would you benefit from Vitalistic Chiropractic, Holistic Reflex Analysis®or the Morphogenic Field Technique?

Our services reflect the degree of varied training we’ve had and the commitment to our patients to offer options that truly are effective. All of our protocols improve health, rather than mask symptoms. They analyze and treat the entire body, not just its parts. They work to eliminate the cause of the symptoms, not suppress the symptoms themselves. We use only natural therapies.

Each doctor has his area of expertise.

Dr. McDonald can determine if you would benefit from chiropractic care or Holistic Reflex Analysis ®.

Dr. Hope can determine if you would benefit from Advanced Bio-structural Correction and/or the Morphogenic Field Technique.

Our therapeutic approach is different from conventional medicine because we focus on improving the foundations of health, rather than treating a symptom/disease. Why is this? Disease and illness only happen to sick people. Healthy people aren’t sick. Therefore, to be disease and sickness free, you must improve your foundations of health! When proper health care is given, your whole body heals, not just parts of it.

There are little or no negative side effects. Unnecessary lab tests are eliminated. Treatments are as individual and unique as you are. In the first three months, the average client improves their health by over 50% and it usually costs less than your monthly health insurance premium. It is easy, effective and inexpensive. You’ll feel better and live life more fully.

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Our Services

In Holistic Reflex Analysis® we do not diagnose or treat disease but we also have two parts: the analysis and the personalized health improvement program (using designed clinical nutrition).

You see HEALTH (also called “EASE”) is your natural state! If you are experiencing anything other than ease, it is usually because you have simply LOST something that is necessary for you to maintain ease/health.

Emotions are an amazing gift that allows us to experience the fullness of life.  Positive emotions are very good and healthy.  However, we all have felt negative emotions and if you are like most people, your life has had its darker times.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™) corrects bones out of place that your body cannot self correct because there is no muscle or group of muscles that actually exist in the human body that can correct these malpositions.