Overall Reviews

Energy, Allergies Body Pain and MORE!

"My health journey with infinite wellness began around 10 years ago. As a teenager at the time, I often was tired and fatigued without knowing why. I had a long list of allergies, a family history of numerous medical conditions, body pain, and back problems. I felt like a teenager trapped in someone else's body because I knew this was now how I was supposed to be living! I wanted to purse physical healing in a holistic and natural way, and so my journey began with Dr. Dan.

Throughout the process of healing over the past 10 years, I've gained so many healthy benefits. To name a few, I've experienced an increase in energy, horonal regulation, clear thought processes, and an increase in overall health. I've also experienced a decrease in sickness, allergies (yay!), and pain in my body. I feel so much better each and every day, and now I am able to live without worry or stress over health problems!

Dr. Dan and his staff have been supportive and encouraging to me from the beginning and continue to do so! Five years ago when I moved overseas, Dr. Dan was so caring to continue consulting in my health journey through the use of technology. I'm grateful for Infinite Wellness and the dedicated care and service they provide in healing and wholeness even while I am half a world away! Thank you for guiding me in my journey- the best is yet to come!"


Gluten Free NO More

"Before I came in to see Doctor Dan, I was so drained of energy. The biggest/hardest thing for me was being gluten free. I would always get severely sick while eating gluten ever since I could remember. I had been 100% gluten free for 5 whole years before coming here. No doctors could tell me why I was unable to eat gluten or had any cure/remedies to fix that. But then I came to Dr. Dan and he could tell me exactly why and exactly how to fix the problem. Now here I am eating gluten 100% of the time and I feel amazing! Thank you! After seeing Doctor Dan for almost a year, he has helped me with so much! All together I feel so much more energetic and happy. He has done so much for me and my body and I am so thankful. I feel like I can get up in the mornings now and feel so ready for the day. Doctor Dan is definitely the best Doctor I have every gone too and also the smartest! I am so thankful and happy for all that he has done for me. Highly recommend!"


More Energy

"I just had an overall feeling of not well. I had low energy and basically brain fog. Some of the feelings couldn't be pinpointed but knew something was wrong. There was a problem with my swallowing. I went to a nurse practitioner and after she prescribed an acid reflux med (I knew that wasn't my problem), I went to see Dr. Dan. He was able to solve my problem without drug.

So many changes have occurred. My swallowing problem was solved. I have more energy and general well being and more alert. Dr. Dan also got rid of some fungi that was in my body that I didn't know I even had. After some time passed, I noticed that the nails on my toes were growing in pink. Bonus I wasn't expecting. We've been successful reversing bad vaccines which turned out to be a major accomplishment. Now, I only see Dr. Dan for anything. Even when I didn't think it pertained, it was a clue to something else."