“I never thought I would see anything like this.  It’s a science fiction nightmare.  It’s Kafkaesque, it’s Orwellian… there aren’t enough words you can throw at it to capture the horror of what’s happening.  This is a bomb that is being dropped on our society, on human civilization, on our economy, on our culture, on our democracy, on everything that we value… by the vaccine industry.”  -Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

As I write this, my wife and I are celebrating the birth of our new daughter, Aria Marie McDonald.  We are elated for how she was born at home with no complications or issues of any sort.  She is as wonderful as only God could create, and we thank Him for this amazing gift of new life in our family.


As I hang out at home and help my wife recover from having the baby, I took the time to watch a film I heard about called 1986: The Act.  I am not much of a movie critic, but I felt compelled to write a review after watching it.  This was one of the best historical films I have ever seen.  It has so much information I had to watch it twice to try and absorb it all.  In this post I want to talk about the three biggest things I learned from watching it.  Spoiler alert!

To be more specific, what is the Act the movie refers to?  It is the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act that was introduced into the House of Representatives by Henry Waxman and subsequently signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in 1986.  The new law had four main goals: (1) direct vaccine research and development within the Federal Government; (2) ensure the production and procurement of safe and effective vaccines; (3) direct the distribution and use of vaccines; and (4) coordinate governmental and nongovernmental activities.  The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act established the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) to ensure that children were quickly, compassionately, and fairly compensated for vaccine injuries.  The Act effectively granted vaccine manufacturers freedom from civil tort liability.  A petitioner who asserts that their child has suffered a vaccine injury must file a petition for compensation against the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) in the NVICP.  This film covers events of what led up to the passage of the Act and the direct ramifications after the Act was passed.

The first thing I learned: The polio epidemic of the 1950s could have been totally avoided. 

There was a scientist mentioned whose name I had never heard before.  His name was Julius Youngner and he was the co-inventor of the inactivated polio vaccine.  He heard that Cutter Laboratories in California (the lab that produced the polio vaccine) was sloppy, filthy and careless in regard to making the vaccine.  He went and toured the lab to see for himself.  He told Jonas Salk that he had found defective vaccines upon inspecting Cutter’s facilities, but neither Cutter, the researcher, nor Salk disclosed this important information to regulators, physicians, or the public.  Moreover, although Cutter provided regulators with vaccine lots for testing, it only submitted lots that had passed internal company safety tests.  Youngner wrote a scathing letter expressing his concerns about the lack of safety at Cutter.  But Jonas Salk told him not to send the letter since he [Jonas Salk] was the head of the operation and more well known.  Jonas Salk never sent Youngner’s letter.  In turn, over two hundred thousand American children were administered a defective polio vaccine; approximately forty thousand children contracted polio, two hundred were paralyzed, and ten died.  The children who contracted vaccine-induced polio also caused a “polio epidemic” amongst their families and communities.  According to Paul Offit, a pediatrician and expert on vaccine policy, this “was one of the worst pharmaceutical disasters in U.S. history.”  What did I learn?  Because Jonas Salk didn’t act on the information Youngner presented to him, he was COMPLICIT in the unnecessary suffering and demise of a lot of children.



The second thing I learned: Mike Hugo, a well-known vaccine plaintiff attorney, has a memo that is known as the ‘Pinto memo’ in regard to vaccines.

The ‘Pinto’ Memo is a famous memo showing Ford Motor Company traded safety for profits after finding a risk in their ‘Pinto’ vehicles.  Indeed, it came out in court that if they had spent an extra $11 they could have designed a better gas tank and saved a lot of people from fiery deaths.

When Hugo’s law firm took on Lederle Laboratories in Clara Morgan Shackil vs. Lederle Laboratories, there was a memo that was unearthed showing virtually the same thing as in the Ford Pinto court case.  For less than a cent per dose, the vaccine company could have made a safer vaccine… but they purposely chose not to.  In fact, Lederle had a patent going back as far as 1937 for a safer acellular vaccine.  What did I learn?  This document is absolute proof of profits over safety.

The third thing I learned: After Hannah Poling’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Poling, won the first ever case in court that proved the vaccine caused their child’s regression into autism, the Polings tried to release the documents of their court case to the public to help other families.  The US Government shut them down, barring them from helping other parents whose children are autistic.


Honestly, this one left me at a complete loss for words.  In the 2002 Omnibus Autism Proceedings there were 5,400 cases awaiting hearings in vaccine court to determine if damages should be awarded to children with autism.  The government decided to take 6 “test cases” and if any of them could prove that vaccines caused their child’s autism then all the rest of the cases would proceed and likely be compensated.  One case succeeded against all odds in proving the vaccine did in fact cause autism: Hannah Poling vs. Secretary of Health and Human Services.  The Polings proved that Hannah had an underlying mitochondrial disorder that predisposed her to problems with being vaccinated.  The government conceded and paid the Polings $20 million in damages (the normal maximum settlement amount is $250,000).  This is good right?  They won!  But here is where it turns bad- instead of the government sticking to their own rules at the beginning, they sealed the Poling file and gagged them from ever talking about it with the media or anyone else.  In essence, they made the Polings shut their mouths for good and prevented them from ever helping anyone else whose child is autistic.  In the United States, the current incidence of autism is at 1 in 36 children and is not considered an epidemic.  (For comparison, when polio was declared an epidemic, the incidence was 1 in 2500.)  This is a catastrophe.  What did I learn?  By deliberately and deceptively sealing the Poling’s file, the government will never pay for any child who regresses into autism caused by shots.  The US Government needs to come clean to the American public before it is too late.

There you have it.  Those are the top three things I personally learned from watching 1986: The Act.  And yet there is so much more to take note of.  On the filmmaker’s website you can look through all the documents cited so you know it is founded on truth.

On Monday August 3rd, I called in to Relevant Radio’s “Patrick Madrid Show” because I wanted to share my views on the radio and see if I could present evidence that might be persuasive to Patrick, the host of the show.  I am aware of his fondness for vaccines and I wanted to challenge him a bit.  I would encourage you to listen to it.  Click on Episode 188 Hour 1.  I am the first caller.  I have respect for Mr. Madrid’s discerning mind, but in all my years, he is the FIRST person to ever answer YES to my question.  Stunning!

In conclusion, I highly recommend everyone take two hours of their time and spend $12.99 to watch this documentary.  This was an eye-opening experience and I am ever eager to learn more about this subject.  I promise I have no financial ties to this video production.  I am simply aware that knowledge is power and if we know the truth about these vaccine companies it will set us free.  God bless Andrew Wakefield, the writer, director, and producer of this film.

Daniel McDonald, DC

Updated 8/4/2020