Dr. Daniel McDonald, DC

Dr. Daniel McDonald is a licensed chiropractor. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from the University of St. Thomas and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Science University. He has nearly 12 years of clinical experience and enjoys working with patients of all ages. In 2014, Dr. McDonald developed and patented a unique form of whole-body analysis, named Holistic Reflex Analysis®. Using a combination of quantum physics, applied kinesiology, and Christian philosophy, root underlying causes of disease are accessible and treatable with natural therapies.

Dr. Vince Hope, DC

Dr. Hope is a 1993 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport IA, where he also earned a Bachelor of Science degree. Post-graduation education sparked his interest in multiple alternative techniques of the healing arts. Dr. Hope has certifications in Morphogenic Field Technique, Advanced Bio-Structural Rehabilitation, Auriculotherapy, Quantum Neurology, Torque Release Technique and Bio-Energetic Natural Health.

Ashley Mavencamp, Marketing Director

Ashley earned her Marketing and Management degrees from Iowa State University in 2018. Before graduating Ashley studied abroad with the Semester at Sea where she had the opportunity to visit 12 countries in 4 short months, this is where the love of whole foods started. Post-graduation Ashley found her passion for nutrition and muscle testing and decided to seek a career in it. Infinite Wellness was excited to bring Ashley on as the Marketing Director in 2019. Please contact her at iwnaturalhealth@gmail.com if you have any marketing concerns.

Margaret Paumen, Office Scribe

Margaret Paumen has been working for Infinite Wellness for 18 months and has been a patient for just over 6 years. She has a two-year degree from St Cloud Business College in Business Administration. Her job is to assists both doctors in appointments as a scribe. She came to the natural healing side of things when she was misdiagnosed by the medical world. She lives in Maple Lake with her husband and four horses. They share four adult children and four grandchildren.

Jennifer Harlan, Front Desk Receptionist

Jennifer began here as a patient 8 years ago.  She had come here after months of suffering from extreme fatigue, not to mention struggling with the issue of vaccines.  This April, she will be an employee for 4 years.  The majority of her life she has spent in Wisconsin and Minnesota and graduated from college at St Cloud State with a degree in Business Management and focus on Human Resources and Psychology.  She spent 27 years in HR, but came to work here for health and personal reasons.  She has 4 grown children, two of which have worked here, she resides in Monticello.