“Our life is frittered away by detail… Simplify, Simplify.”  - Henry David Thoreau

One of the most important skills any of us can develop as we go through life is called critical thinking.  Critical thinking means to take in data, look it over carefully, filter out the false data, and then put all the pieces together to come to a conclusion of what we think we know about a given subject.  Critical thinking skills are now more important than ever with the challenges we face today.

As I write these weekly installments, I take time to reflect on what I have learned over the past week.  This is when I put my critical thinking skills into action to effectively organize the true data from the false data.  Indeed, we all must exercise critical thinking to understand how to best care for ourselves and our families.  It is important to keep something else in mind: the simplest solution is usually the right one.

I finished the week with nCoV defense deficit case number 211.  This is a significant decline in weekly cases compared to April; 15 per week now instead of around 40 per week then.  To me, this means the rate is slowing down since I am coming across fewer and fewer cases.  I can also happily say that I do not personally know anyone, under my care or not, who has died from the pandemic.  Based on the available data and my personal experience, I believe it is time to end the lockdown.  This suppression has lasted long enough!  If we keep isolating ourselves and sanitizing everything in our environment, we end up decreasing our health rather than adding to it.  We need to use common sense and live our lives.

You may have seen this data already, but this is important to note.  As it turns out, face masks cause more harm than good.  Retired neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock reported that the masks we are told to wear to help prevent the spread of the virus, do not do what we think they do.  Since there are no studies available that examine whether cloth masks or N95 masks help prevent coronavirus transmission, we must use influenzavirus studies.  17 of the best studies were analyzed and concluded that, “None of the studies established a conclusive relationship between mask/respirator use and protection against influenza infection.”  What is even more interesting is when a healthy person wears a mask, they are more prone to headaches, increased airway resistance, carbon dioxide accumulation, hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the bodily tissues), and even serious life-threatening complications.  I encourage you to read Dr. Blaylock’s article in full.  I would never judge anyone who wants to wear a mask but based on the data it is simply not the wise choice.

This week I also learned more about the testing the medical system is using to determine if someone is dealing with nCoV.  The FDA is focused on the presence of antibodies.  As I learn more about this form of testing, the more I become skeptical about how valid it is.  In fact, the FDA has admitted that the ”antibody tests are not meant for use to diagnose active SARS-COV-2 infection.”  Why not?  You see, the purpose of antibodies is to help detect and eliminate foreign substances from our bodies.  Antibodies are much less specific than previously thought because they do not just bind to only one single foreign substance.  They are more pliable, and one antibody can handle many different foreign things.  If you had another version of coronavirus (which is very likely since it is the common cold) years ago you could still show up positive even though you have not had nCoV.  There are more than sixty conditions in the literature that can give a false positive in the same manner as this, such as after vaccination or during pregnancy.  In addition, how do we know the presence of antibodies guarantee immunity?  The answer is they do not!  Again, there are many instances in the literature where people get a vaccine, they generate the antibody response as they should, and they still get the illness later.

The method of testing I use does not involve having to rely on lab kits or having to look for antibodies.  I have embraced the science of quantum physics to help me establish the presence of nCoV.  Quantum physics tells us that everything in our universe has an energy signature and frequency.  Therefore, anything that exists can be identified by its unique energy signature and frequency.  In my toolbox I have a digitized energy frequency that corresponds to nCoV defense deficit so I can detect the electromagnetic presence of weakness within a person’s energy field.  Once detected, natural remedies that enhance the biofield and immune system can be administered.  I personally feel that this form of testing is superior to what is offered by the medical establishment since it enables me to come to an answer within a few short minutes for each patient.  I cannot diagnose with this form of testing either, but when done right, false positives cannot exist using quantum energetic testing.  The energy is present, or it is not, end of story.  Yet I must admit, my method of testing is not completely perfect, and I am working on ways to improve it constantly.

Energy testing may seem confusing to many people, but it really is not.  It’s just not mainstream.  In my professional opinion, there is no need to spend billions of dollars to come up with a vaccine against nCoV.  It would serve as a bad investment.  As a nation, we are already well past the peak.  Instead, simplify!  Get back to the foundations of health by eating anti-viral foods such as macadamia nuts, honeydew melon, taking vitamins and herbs, utilizing chiropractic care to optimize spinal health, supporting your microbiome, and spending time outside earthing and soaking up the sunshine.  Think critically about the data that is being presented by our government leaders to make the best decision you can, which tends to be simple.

Daniel McDonald, DC