“There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust.”  - Dr. Deborah Birx, Coronavirus Task Force

Dr. Birx, I know how you feel.  I get a strong sense that we are being deceived.  As a holistic natural doctor, I have an even harder time believing much of what is told to us by our government agencies who claim they are here to protect us.  Every day for the past 12 years of practice, I have intently labored to help others achieve freedom from the shackles of the pharmaceutical industry.  The pharma industry is masterful at spreading false ideas to make people think that health comes from taking drugs or getting vaccines.  What is the driving force that gets me up every day?  For me, it will always be God’s selfless love, mercy, and truth, and the opportunity to watch others heal their minds and bodies.

One of the most powerful controlling forces that exists is the emotion of fear.  Fear is a normal part of the human experience as it is useful for keeping us safe when we are in danger.  It is a good thing to fear a tiger, a tornado, or swimming in deep water.  Having a healthy degree of fear will keep us out of harm’s way.  And yet, fear can also be very unhealthy when we fear things unnecessarily.  Many people have a strong fear of public speaking and come up with all sorts of reasons to avoid doing it.  Yes, it can be quite challenging, but with enough knowledge and practice, anyone could do it.  Fear is a force that pins us down from realizing our full potential.

At the close of this past week, I saw my 196th positive nCoV defense deficit patient.  196 cases may not seem like a lot of experience in comparison to other health professionals, but it is a large enough sample size of the population to give me some good data and enable me to make some conclusions about it.  The main conclusion I have reached through knowledge and experience is thus: nCoV is NOT deadly to 99.76% of the population.

Yesterday I learned that Professor Neil Ferguson, who was the main creator of the epidemiological forecasting software used to help predict the spread of the virus, was caught in a web of his own hypocrisy.  The coding he used to make the contagion model was released on Github just before he resigned so it could be examined by other software coders.  The consensus is that any “papers based on this codebase should be immediately redacted.”  His estimates are seriously flawed and yet he was a large driving force behind the fear that pushed our government toward heavy lockdown measures.  His unacceptable behavior is just another example of the power of fear.

Looking back at the numbers, the vast majority of all my patients rated the nCoV threat level at mild.  As I stated in previous posts, viruses are not here to destroy us; they exist to help us exercise our immune systems.  The only way to increase your health and grow strong is to provide it with a challenge.  Anytime you exercise by hitting the treadmill or the weights you are stressing your body.  And when you are done, what happens?  Your body is stronger, leaner, and more fit to survive.  The same is true when dealing with a virus.  The only downside to nCoV is that it is spiked with HIV retrovirus genetic material and has the potential to completely disable the plasmacytoid dendritic cells.  In 196 cases, I have not seen a single exception.  But again, there is no reason to fear!  I have found multiple ways to power up the maresin-1 pathway and restore the PDCs back to their full function in a relatively short amount of time.

There is an old saying, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”  If you are in a dark room, the only solution to the problem of darkness is to add more light.  Health is defined in the dictionary as: ”soundness, especially of body or mind; freedom from disease or abnormality.”  I like this definition because when you are not burdened by disease, you become more free in other dimensions of life.  Constantly fighting to reduce disease is a losing battle.  The only solution is to add more health.  The best way to add more health is to eliminate poisons that pin your immune system down such as heavy metals, toxic chemicals, processed or adulterated food-like products and dirty electromagnetic radiation.  Instead, supply your body with plenty of nutrients that are only found in nature and follow a comprehensive, natural health restoration program that never seeks to cover up symptoms but instead treat the underlying root causes of disease.  This is the nature of my technique, Holistic Reflex Analysis.

Challenges are always abundant in life.  No matter what the challenge is, always strive to become the best version of yourself.  Turn adversity around and use it to grow and live to your full potential.

Dr. Daniel McDonald, DC