“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”  -Franklin Delano Roosevelt

This is now the seventh installment in my report of findings regarding exposure to nCoV energy.  This article is also a follow up to my video I produced last week.  I have come to the ultimate conclusion that this pandemic that has befallen us is man-made and created for one purpose: to undermine our immune systems long term.  The death rate from the actual virus is very low, which is good news.  The immune suppression rate caused by this virus is at 100%.  I have not seen a single exception in 179 patient visits to date… including with myself and my family after we encountered it over the weekend while buying groceries.

I recently watched Professor Luc Montagnier who shared the 2008 Nobel Prize for the discovery of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) express his thoughts in an interview on French TV.  He came to the same conclusion I did: that the virus was designed by lab scientists.  There is simply no other way it could have happened.  He even cited the same article I did from the Indian research group who published the genetic profile of the coronavirus.  He said the paper was taken down due to “political reasons.”  Spot on!  It makes me glad to see other high-profile doctors who are willing to stand up and tell the truth.  In my professional opinion, what we are looking at is an airborne version of AIDS.  Whether this aspect was intentional or not, I cannot say.

Getting back to my findings, I have been searching for weeks now as to how the plasmacytoid dendritic cells (PDCs) can be salvaged.  I am a problem solver and patients come to see me because they are unable to find answers anywhere else.  I must admit that I have not been successful at finding anything that could restore the infested PDCs once they get knocked out.  Rather, the body discards them once they go down.  Instead, the more effective method is to make brand new PDCs once the viral energy is cleansed.  In previous posts, I hesitated to mention details about any such formula until I better understood the pathway to accomplish such a task.

Task complete!  Here is a summary of my understanding as of today:

  1. The progenitor cells (unspecialized ancestral cells) come out of the bone marrow. If the bone marrow is stimulated with protein bound iodine, it will produce them.
  2. Specialization and development into dendritic cells occur in the pelvic glands. The Bartholin’s gland in females and the Cowper’s gland in males are the noteworthy parts where this take place.
  3. The mechanism by which regular dendritic cells further specialize into the plasmacytoid five-star general is by what is called the Maresin 1 pathway. Out of the 30 trillion or so cells that are present in your body, these cells are so rare they make up only around 0.0000001% of all the cells.
  4. When given the right kind of specialized nutrition consisting of iodine, herbal liquids and Maresin stimulating omega-3 fats, an immune system can be back up and running in a relatively short amount of time. (Notice I did not say the right kind of specialized medication… sorry Pharma.)

Now that I understand this so much better, I can say with confidence WE CAN DO IT!  The immune system has the power to fully restore itself back to health and be stronger than ever!  We can totally avoid the future possibility of coming down with some sort of terrible infection that the body cannot fight months down the road.  These bodies can absolutely fix this as designed.

I stated earlier that my family and I encountered nCoV when buying food at the store.  As I write this, I can say with confidence that we are already over it and our PDCs are at full strength.  Why?  Quantum physics holds the answer.  Nearly a decade ago, I learned how to detect weaknesses in the body’s energy biofield (also known as the morphogenic field) and how to repair it with nutrition.  So, I had everyone in my family take a nutritional supplement and rub on an essential oil that enhanced each person’s field.  Health was added and the body took care of it.  Do you remember the quote in one of my videos by Albert Einstein?  He said, “The field is the governing principle of the particle.”  This is significant because it is the field that dictates how the matter responds.

Have you ever seen videos on cymatics?  Cymatics is what happens when you subject something such as sand or water to specific type of energy field.  If you haven’t, please check out the cymatics videos on our website and you will witness just how powerful the energy field is at organizing and shaping matter.

The reason why I bring this up is because the enhancement of the energetic biofield is the key to successfully understanding and defeating the fear associated with nCoV defense deficit.  Each one of us has a field that shapes us.  Here is the most encouraging and insightful part: we have tremendous control over this field with our thoughts and lifestyles.  I recommend every person reading this article now to take control over your health by adapting healthy changes to your lifestyle.