As I look around at the most recent updates on the COVID-19 outbreak, I am now more than ever convinced that modern medicine has so little to offer.  I hear talk about the ever expanding need for more ventilators, more facemasks, and more use of petrochemical based interventions (i.e. drugs) to combat the spread of the virus.  As good as all these things may sound, none of them leads to an increase in health.

I have long since advocated for a complete change in our health paradigm and today’s challenges only elucidate my point further.  We must shift our attention from fighting the virus to increasing our health.  Could you imagine if the CDC told everyone in America to start eating organic honeydew melons and macadamia nuts (which happen to be the top two foods to handle coronavirus) to increase their immune systems?  Sadly, it will never happen because there is no money to be made in telling people to eat non-patentable items.

When God created the human immune system, it was designed to handle viral infections.  In our modern world we have burdened our immune systems greatly and there are times when we need to give the immune system a helping hand to get the job done.  Chiropractic care and holistic natural therapy offers true support for a healthy functioning immune system.  It is a good idea to also rest and get plenty of sleep when you don’t feel well, take high powered nutritional supplements and get adjusted to reduce nervous system interference.  Don’t spend another moment fighting the disease; focus on ADDING MORE HEALTH!

Next, I want to talk about the virtual visits we offer at Infinite Wellness Natural Healing Center and how they work.   I have patients who live great distances or sometimes are too acutely ill (such as during the coronavirus pandemic) to make it in to the office so we will do what is called a virtual visit over the phone, Apple Facetime, or Google Duo.  The doctor and patient then energetically connect using the principle of Quantum Physics known as Quantum Entanglement.  This allows the doctor to gain remote access to the patient’s energetic level of health and search for root causes of their issues in the same way if they were in the office.  The universe is one indivisible, dynamic whole in which energy and matter are so deeply entangled it is impossible to consider them as independent elements.  We not separated by dead space!  I encourage you to spend time learning more about Quantum Entanglement in more depth by checking out the videos we have on our website under the Videos Tab.

There are no barriers to success on a natural healing program – the only barriers are those which we create for ourselves!  Stay tuned for more updates next week.

Dr. Dan McDonald