“It is not our genes but our beliefs that control our lives… Oh ye of little belief!”  -Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, author of The Biology of Belief, pioneer in the science of epigenetics

First, let me begin by offering a sincere thanks to Dr. Bruce Lipton.  If it were not for his incredible work in the field of epigenetics and quantum biology, I am not sure I could be doing this work I do today.

His book which I referenced above was seminal in helping me to bridge the gap between matter and energy and understand how it relates to health.   We will talk more about epigenetics in a moment and why understanding it is so important for helping all of us break free of the shackles of fear.

The end of this week marked another turning point in my understanding of the viral pandemic.  After seeing nCoV defense deficit positive case number 236, I learned that a person’s epigenetic expression provides a stark difference in how the virus will affect you.  What do I mean by that?  Let me first give you a quick crash course on what epigenetics is.

Epigenetics is defined as the control you have over your genetic (DNA) code so that the genes you carry from mom and dad can be fully expressed, partially expressed, or not expressed.  The outcome of each of these three possibilities is based on your environmental experience.  Nutrition, stress, emotions, vaccines, exposure to toxins, activity level, and even our pets all play a major role in how our bodies express and operate.

To give you bit of history, the Human Genome Project was a collaborative effort by scientists to catalog all the genes present in humans and started in the 1980s.  At the time, conventional thought held that humans should have about 120,000 genes located within the twenty-three pairs of chromosomes… one gene for one protein.  And yet God is not without a sense of humor… the scientists had quite a shock when they finished and found that humans in fact have only 19,000 genes!  This toppled the one gene for one protein concept completely.  As it turned out, we have about the same number of genes as a roundworm!  Certainly, a human is more complex than a worm.  How can this be explained?  What can account for this huge discrepancy?

Enter the science of epigenetics.  As we have since learned, a single worm gene can only express in a small number of ways, but a single human gene can express in an exponentially greater manner, all based on the changes in the genetic control switches.  Mathematically speaking, this is how 19,000 genes can code for well over 120,000 proteins.  The vast number of ways that a person can manifest who they are seem almost without limit!

What all this means is that our environment and our beliefs play the greatest role of who we are regarding our health.  Need more proof?  I invite you to look at an identical twin study performed by Stanford published in January 2015.  In it, the researchers found that three quarters of the variations in the immune systems of identical twins (who share the same genome) were due to “nonheritable,” environmental influences including exposure to microbes, toxins, diet and vaccinations.  The study found that environmental factors over time shaped each twin’s immune system, with the result that the differences in identical twins over sixty are greater than the differences in twins under twenty.  Mark Davis, Stanford microbiologist and immunologist and lead researcher, says, “A healthy human immune system continually adapts to its encounters with hostile pathogens, friendly gut microbes, nutritional components and more, overshadowing the influences of most heritable factors.”

There it is folks.  Our God-given free will allows us to make choices every day that impact us positively or negatively.  The genes we inherit are important, but the take home message is we have 97-99% total control over health.  Do not let any medical doctor, pharmaceutical shill, mainstream media pundit, or government politician ever bind you from rightfully assuming what is yours by birthright… outstanding health!

Now that we are on the same page, let us go back to what I said earlier about how a person’s epigenetic profile changes how nCoV energy can affect them.  Based on my previously published statistics, around 75-80% of people who contract the coronavirus will experience no symptoms at all.  The other 20-25% will experience symptoms of varying degrees directly related to having the coronavirus.  How a person responds to immune challenges they are faced with has a lot to do with the choices they have previously made.  Choosing to get vaccinated can have very serious consequences since it is well established that vaccines will undermine the immune system.  Heavy metals, formaldehyde and aborted fetal DNA injected into the bloodstream months or years prior to being exposed to nCoV can significantly change the immune response.  I have seen it myself thousands of times.  The best idea is to take natural remedies to eliminate these toxins so they cannot do any further harm.

As I was watching Del Bigtree’s The Highwire this past week, Del gave his top 10 reasons why he has jumped off the “coronaphobia” (the unwarranted fear of coronavirus) bandwagon.  I am going to spoil his number one reason because I could not agree more: the cure is worse than the problem.  He presents evidence that we can expect over a million deaths because of the lockdown measures, which is causing crushing levels of stress on many people.  People who were at or near the poverty line will suffer terribly.  In comparison, the number of deaths directly resulting from the pandemic are somewhere between 12,000 and 20,000- a fraction of what was originally projected by our government entities.  What’s even worse is the CDC’s new published guidelines on how children are supposed to re-enter school.  I am not a childhood educator, but to me, it looks like a train wreck.

Let us turn away from the fear and the despair.  Let us turn away from the greater agenda being pushed upon us.  Let us instead embrace the truth and trust in the body’s ability to heal itself when given the correct epigenetic inputs such as proper nutrition, sunlight exposure, and positive emotional support.  God gave us the amazing gift of free will to change our reality with every choice we make.  Epigenetics is the biological effect of those choices.  This is a power we can wield to build ourselves stronger.  Steer clear of the negative programming and take control of your health!

Daniel McDonald, DC