Hot Flashes

Daily Interruption

"Before I came in I was having hot flashes on and off every day and during the night. This was a big interruption and was affecting my sleep at night. I was miserable! I was wiping sweat off my forehead several times a day. I went to see Dr. Dan hoping he could do something for me.  I was desperate for relief. Now, they are all gone! No more hot flashes!! Hooray!!! Dr. Dan tested me and about 9 weeks on his supplements my hot flashes quit! I feel so good and am much more comfortable. It even affected my mood and I feel happier! I can't express enough how wonderful I feel. No more shedding of clothes. Thanks Dr. Dan!"


Hot Flashes and MORE!

"My hot flashes have been taken care of; I lost weight, which I did not even come for. The very painful Bursitis in my shoulder has also been taken care of. Most of the pain I have suffered in the past has been resolved through the thyroid supplements."