“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” - John 10:10 (ESV)

In today’s world, there is a constant level of fear that grips a great many people who live in this country.  It is inescapable.  There are forces at work that seek to deprive us of our freedom.  Fear is a powerful emotion that can be used effectively to control the thoughts and actions of the people.  The recent events of the death of

George Floyd and the destructive rioting that followed has caused great hardship for our city of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota.  The underpinnings of fear run wide and deep and many citizens appear ready to abdicate their rights to have less of it.  To put it simply, this is a terribly unwise thing to do.  We must not give up our freedom.  It was Patrick Henry who said it best when he proclaimed, “Give me liberty or give me death!”  When you trade freedom for security you end up with neither.  Mr. Henry understood that concept.

I am quick to admit I do not have all the answers to the problems of today’s world.  I am a natural holistic doctor and my duty is to serve my patients.  Each patient who presents to my office with unresolving health challenges deserves the opportunity to restore their health and achieve freedom from the medical shackles that weighs him or her down.  True health care is restoring what was lost to achieve resolution.  A person who succeeds in following the natural order of healing reaches a higher level of function so that other dimensions of their life are positively affected.  Life is more abundant!

Can you imagine what it would be like if things were different and you were not allowed to see the provider you want?  Or if you did not even have the option available to see a natural holistic doctor because there simply aren’t any?  We should not take our freedom for granted.  I understand that without the freedom we enjoy in this country I would not be able to help patients the way I do.  These rights must be guarded from annihilation and it is our responsibility to protect them.

The number one reason why I started writing these blog articles a few months ago was my intention to fight the fear mentality as much as I could from my small circle of influence.  The way I see it, every one of us has tremendous ability to make a difference in our own way.

Without question, there are a myriad of aspects to achieving the life you desire.  In my opinion, the most crucial of all is health.  Without good health, it is far more difficult to reach your other goals.  Helping others reach excellent health is my area of expertise.  The following is a set of directions I have put together on how to create abundance in your life by increasing your health.

  1. Get proper sleep. The other day I examined a patient in her mid-60s who had not had a good night’s sleep since she was 12 years old.  This was definitely a priority.  Her health improvement program focused on pineal gland support and the restoration of delta wave brain activity.
  2. Minimize the chemical poisons. Eliminate all toxic food chemicals as much as you can because they will affect your health.  Do not spray your lawn either!  It is not worth it.  Even if the package says that it will disappear after the first rain, I have news for you- it will not go away for years.
  3. Install EMF protection on your phone. Cell phones emit toxic radiation that can cause big problems for people who do not realize it.  At our office, we recommend you put as many Quantum Shields on your phone as you need to negate the radiation.  We also have bags of Tesla Rocks that block all harmful EMFs in a radius (the large bag is 75 ft, the small bag is 45 ft).  This is the only thing I recommend to protect against 5G.
  4. Maintain proper spinal alignment. A spine that is free of misalignments maintains a strong brain-body connection.  When the musicians can see and hear the conductor, the symphony sounds excellent.
  5. Purchase organic food or grown your own when you can. Backyard gardens are both highly nutritious and highly rewarding when you know you grew the food yourself.  I highly recommend the documentary Back to Eden with Paul Gautschi.
  6. Eliminate heavy metals. After 12 years of practice, the top two sources from which I have encountered mercury in the bodies of my patients are amalgam dental fillings and vaccines.  I strongly recommend rethinking the need for either of these toxic products.
  7. Address your problems rather than sweeping them under the rug. What do I mean by that?  When someone cannot find a healthy proper outlet for their stress then it leads to what are called “trapped emotions.”  When emotions are bottled up and shoved deep down it can cause long term health consequences.  Find a healthy avenue to release pent up stress such as exercise, meditation, positive music, or playing with a pet.
  8. Follow through on a natural health improvement program. The single most important factor for achieving the highest level of health possible is to follow a solid natural health restoration program.  For anyone who has felt the frustration of not succeeding in reaching their health goals, it is crucial that he/she be examined by someone who knows where the stopping blocks are.  That way, the specific issues can be corrected with great expediency.

To achieve a life of abundance, it is important to focus on increasing your health.  I do not advocate for allowing fear, despair, or anger to control our actions.  Each one of us has the power to create the society we all want to have, but it starts with each individual person making a change for the better.  Join with me as I continue to push through to the next level.