“Everything that justified the lockdowns and the shutting down of our economy was wrong. We need to open this country back up.”  -Matt Margolis, PJ Media reporter

My friends, I believe we have truly reached the end of this pandemic.  I have decided this is the final update because at this point, there really is not much left to say.  In this article, I plan to summarize my complete

understanding of everything nCoV related and let you know where I think we are headed over the next few months.  I do plan to continue writing via my blog, but instead of nCoV I will focus on other issues that I feel drawn to speak about.  I have made some truly big healing breakthroughs and you will hear about them soon!

So why do I think nCoV is essentially over?  3 reasons:

Did you catch that last reason?  The CDC official death rate is only at a quarter of a percent across all ages!  They once estimated that up to 2.2 million people in the US could die and now the final number is close to a mild influenza season.  Truly folks, this is over.  It is possible for the young and the old to avoid any serious hospitalization by adopting natural remedies and making lifestyles choices that keep your immune system strong.  Earthing, eating macadamia nuts and honeydew melons, taking supplements, and avoiding toxins are all effective strategies.  Any remaining fear about nCoV destroying our lives needs to leave with the onset of our beautiful summer season.

One more time, I must reiterate this final salient point about nCoV because to date I have not heard anyone else talk about it.  Perhaps I am the only one who has come to this discovery.  I am not sure.  Here is the summary of my understanding:

There is a very rare cell I have talked about in previous posts called a plasmacytoid dendritic cell (PDC).  This cell functions in a manner that I consider akin to a five-star general because it links the two immune arms together, commonly known as humoral immunity (antibodies) and cell-mediated immunity (phagocytes).  When this cell is working at full steam, the immune system is highly robust and effective at maintaining health.  When it is disabled, immune function takes a significant nosedive and health deteriorates.  Keeping this cell working well is of paramount importance.  What I have discovered is that if a person who is exposed to nCoV energy, it infiltrates the PDC thanks to the HIV spike protein it contains and take it down.  To date, I have seen 249 positive nCoV defense deficit cases and every single case lost this cell as a result.  Fortunately, I have found products from Energetix, Systemic Formulas, and MediHerb that restore it back to health by powering the Maresin-1 pathway.  If you would like to learn more about these products, please call our office for details.

In putting to rest the issue, it is important to be aware that our health authorities and government officials have alternate plans.  There continues to be a lot of talk about the development of a coronavirus vaccine.  Many pharmaceutical companies have jumped on this in an effort to make one a vaccine as quickly as possible because a lot of the usual testing requirements have been waived thanks to the federal government’s operation Warp Speed.  In my professional opinion, this is going to be disastrous.  I do not trust the vaccine makers, and why should I?  All four top vaccine makers in this country which are Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, and Sanofi are convicted serial felons.  What were they convicted of?  Killing people and then lying about it.  I could never trust my health or the health of my children to a convicted serial felon.  Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Judy Mikovitz were both recently interviewed and gave the same testimony.  They estimate it could destroy millions of lives around the world.  I will continue to monitor this closely and keep you updated regarding developments.

I would suggest to all of you to simply say no, but it may not be that simple.  As I have recently learned, H.R. 6666 seeks to allot $100 billion to track us constantly by almost any means necessary.  COVI-PASS appears to be the likely application that will be used by the United Nations.  The goal is to make sure every single person is vaccinated, no matter what.  If you do not comply, government intrusion makes your life increasingly difficult.  For example:  You need your driver’s license renewed?  No vaccine, no renewal.  You need to go to a business meeting in Chicago and you need to fly there?  Sorry- no vaccine, no getting on that plane.  And so forth.

I recommend we watch this with great skepticism.  I personally will resist.

Despite this, I truly believe it is time to put this pandemic behind us and reopen the country.  Let us join not in fear but in solidarity that we can have our lives return to normal if we simply adopt lifestyle changes that focus on increasing health rather than treating disease.  Some have said to me, “I won’t do it because my insurance won’t pay for it.”  My insurance told me they will not pay for my car’s oil changes, but I can promise you that if I didn’t change the oil my car would be in bad shape.  Do not let for profit insurance companies dictate what you should or shouldn’t do for your health.  Take control now by seeing a natural holistic practitioner who knows how to add health!

Daniel McDonald, DC