Energy Review

Lack of Concentration

"Before coming to Infinite Wellness, I had very low energy and shortness of breath. I was taking Adderall for my lock of concentration, my skin color was dull, and my digestive system was way out of whack. Since starting a nutrition program and working with Dr. Dan, I have experienced much improvement. I no longer need to take Adderall, my energy level has greatly improved, the shortness of breath has disappeared, and my skin color glows now. I sleep soundly through the nigh and I wake up much more rested, and my digestive system is now in flow once again! Thanks Dr. Dan!"


Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

"My many debilitating, painful, and overwhelming symptoms related to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are gone and I feel as through I have been released from prison. I can lead a normal life now. I am no longer stuck at home in bed because of crushing exhausting fatigue, pain, bladder/bowel problems, numerous digestive problems, and on and on. The symptoms that have been resolved are just too many to mention. I cannot say enough on how Dr. Dan's care has changed my life for the better. Dr. Dan and his entire staff are very helpful and kind."


Fatigued Every Afternoon

"I was fatigued in the afternoons and around 3pm-5pm. I have done detoxes in the past that worked great increase my energy, but were extremely strict. I already knew eating bread and cake meant I would have a huge decrease in energy 1-2 hours later. I wanted to know what I really need to avoid instead of all flour, sugar, and coffee. It took a few weeks, but slowly I felt the energy dips in the afternoons less often. I rarely ever have it anymore. It wakes about 3 months for any new habits to stick. I am eating healthier and can still have my dark chocolate and occasional coffee. I learned I am sensitive to wheat products, but there are other kinds of flours out there to use instead."