Does Your Health Regime Include Emotional Clearings?  If not, find out why we offer this service at Infinite Wellness at no extra charge.

Your emotions are an integral aspect of who you are—positive, negative, and everything in between. Your emotions can advance your health or derail it!  Positive emotions are very good and healthy.   A study at Loma Linda University in California found that when individuals laughed at a funny movie, the levels of beta-endorphins, responsible for mood elevation, rose as well.  In addition, Human Growth Hormone, which aids in sleep and contributes to cellular repair, rose by 87%.

Negative emotions are the result of stress and have a negative effect on your health.  We know everyone experiences negative emotions at different times in their life, and it is good to find healthy ways of releasing them through things like exercise, meditation, prayer, cooking, or some other activity.  However, there are times when negative emotions can remain unresolved and become trapped.  A study by Dr. Laura Kubzansky, a professor of human health and development at Harvard School of Public Health indicates that negative emotions may influence the development of Coronary Heart Disease.

It is a proven fact that every cell in your body has DNA which emits biophotons, which are photons of light.  While this light is approximately 1000 times less than what can be seen by the naked eye, it does exist.  Negative emotions can be trapped inside the body’s organs and diminish the light biophotons emit from your cells.

Using muscle reflex testing, we use radionic energy vials to pinpoint the correct emotion.  The vials in the kit are filled with water that has been infused with energies corresponding to the type of energy associated with each emotion.  We then access the subconscious mind through the nervous system to get more detailed information on how the emotion was created.

Emotions can be cleared one of two ways: using a magnet to erase the data or through a nervous system reset coupled with prayer.  The release of emotions causing negative interferences to healing in the body allows for positive healing with positive results.

Some people are hesitant to have their emotions cleared.  No need to fear; we have found it is not possible for anyone to be harmed using our technique.  To find out more details about how negative emotions can affect your health and how these emotions can be identified and cleared, read our Emotional Clearing page or call our office for a consultation.