Digestive System

Stomach Pressure

"I suffered from digestive issues with frequent stomach pressure, gass build-up, and I was burping a lot. I also had painful arthritis in my joints for years, the worst being in my knees. They were very sore and ached a lot. I tried chiropractic adjustments before but they hurt, so I wanted to try something different. Thanks to Nutrition Response Testing, my stomach is much better. I can tolerate a wider variety of foods without any of the issues I used to have. The soreness in my knees and joints is much better most of the time and continues to improve. I feel like I'm finally on the right track"



"When I first started seeing Dr. Dan I had extreme heartburn issues along with many other mild stomach problems. I was taking around 6 to 10 Tums a day and at such a young age (29).I knew I had to do something about it before it developed into more severe issues in my older years. I was tired of doing things that would suppress the symptoms; I needed to actually correct the problem. I start a program, seeing Dr. Dan regularly. We originally started at once a week in the beginning and as I've improved the appointments have been further and further apart. We are now up to once every six weeks. Throughout the program he found what particular deficiencies my body was lacking and gave me the right whole food supplements to correct them. He also educated me on the foods I should consume and the non-foods I need to avoid. Now, my stomach is much more settled and I NEVER have to take a Tums to suppress the heartburn."


Celiac Disease

"Adam was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and couldn't eat gluten. Chronic stomach issues, asthma issues, and bowel issues. Overweight by 10-15 lbs and not happy with his current state of health. Adam has also had severe food allergies to all tree nuts. Had little to know concern on what he ate (sugar, processed foods, ect). After 6 months with Dr. Dan, Adam has completely changed his diet. Lowered sugar intake significantly, eats very little processed foods, but rather whole foods, nuts and veggies! He's lost 15 lbs in this time, eats and can tolerate some gluten (possibly not diagnosed with celiac anymore!). He's discovered major and fixable problems in his body and still actively working with Doc. Dan to become 100%. Adam is so happy with his progress made by the help by Dan!"