Children Reviews

Acid Reflux

"Our daughter was about 3 months old when we initially brought her in to see Dr. Dan. She was strictly breast-fed, and I was very adamant about making healthy choices and eating the right kinds of foods. Yet for some reason she was always crying after feedings, spit up a lot, and had a spell of sinus drainage right at the time we brought her in. I had been told by the pediatrician we should put her on acid reflux medication, and potentially stop breast feeding and turn to formula. Well neither of these were a option for us, being in the healthcare field myself I just try to avoid medications at all costs, and knew that breastfeeding was ultimately the BEST option for her. So we came in to Dr. Dan to "hopefully" find a more reasonable explanation for this...

... And WE DID!!! The difference in our daughter was amazing. Dr. Dan did the Nutrition Response Testing on her, and the explanation was so simple... I was to avoid ALL corn products (this was kid of hard because corn in IN EVERYTHING) but we did it, and the difference, like I said, was amazing. She was so much happier as a baby, less crying in pain, the spitting up was resolved, and the sinus drainage was resolved. We have continued regularly with Dr. Dan. He has helped us with a cough, and a rash, and just for overall wellness. Our daughter is very healthy, very happy, and very smart! We are so glad we have a safe and effective alternative to regular chemical medicine. THANK YOU!"

-N.L., mother

Ear Infections & Chronic Runny Nose

"My daughter, Johanna, just turned 3 years old, she has suffered from ear infections and a chronic runny nose since birth. She has had 3 surgeries including two sets of tubes in her ears and had her tonsils and adenoids removed to supposedly stop her runny nose. Noe of which actually worked, her ears continue to clog up and get infected and her nose still run. Her father has a history with bad ears also and has had over 20 surgeries on his ears and now wears hearing aids and I didn't want that to be her story, so I brought her in to see if there was help. Today, her nose no longer runs and her ears are clear! her ears are now dried up and her nose no longer runs... her speech is much improving now that she can hear again. She used to be crabby and not sleep well, since clearing everything up she is truly a new baby. I am so thankful we found this before my baby girl had to have another surgery or medication she didn't really need."

- J.S.'s Mom


"I actually came to see Dr. Dan at Infinite Wellness on the way to the emergency department at the hospital in Maple Grove. I had taken my four year old son to Urgent Care in Elk River when his 7 day series of tummy aches intensified to a point where he was doubled over in pain. His symptoms "befuddled" the Urgent Care Doctor. Dr. Dan squeezed me into his already busy schedule and diagnosed my son's intolerance to wheat within 10 minutes. We walked out of his office with relief from the painful tummy aches and a plan to get his health back to 100%

After a couple of months and a handful of visits, Liam is not just back to 100%. He is a whole new kid! He has a vitality that I have never seen in him and the energy of a thriving 4 year old boy. I have learned to cook gluten free for my entire family and we are all better for it. Thank you Dr. Dan, my family is forever changed for the better and we will continue to come to you first!"