Difficulty Breathing

"I was having difficulty breathing for quite some time before being referred to Dr. Dan. I would alternate between not being able to breath, to having fluttery "butterflies in my chest" type of feeling. I just attributed both of these symptoms to stress/anxiety. It would keep me up at night, and I was unable to do the normal activities required to keep with my 4 children and busy lifestyle. After working with Dr. Dan over the course of this year, he identified multiple things going on that were contributing to my chest/breathing issues. What was fascinating was there were many other underlying things going on with me that were tied to these breathing problems. Dr. Dan was able to identify and address these simultaneously, and I began to notice a steady change in my breathing over time. Dr. Dan got to the root of my problems and fixed them at their core. He did not just treat my symptoms, but was able to get to the cause of them and gave my body what it needed to heal. I am so grateful for dr. Dan's persistence, knowledge, and care in helping me figure out (and fix) what was wrong with me."


Aging TOO Fast

"I had felt like I had aged 20 years within 1 year. I was extremely fatigued most of the time, had stomach issues, anxiety, lightheadedness, and sinus problems. On top of all this, I went and got a vasectomy. After that I developed post-vasectomy pain which has lasted almost a year and a half. I was really at my low point when I first started seeing Dr. Dan. After Dr. Dan had prescribed the necessary supplements all the previously mentioned problems I had, have completely disappeared. I feel how I did when I was in my 30's again. I now have energy all the time, no more fatigue and able to get thru the days no problem. It took almost a full year for the post vasectomy pain to resolve, and that has also gotten much, much better"


LOsing the will to live

"When I came in for the first time I had depression and anxiety very bad. I slept  20 hours a day, had no energy and was losing the will to live. I was also having panic attacks quite regularly, plus crying all the time. Today I feel so much better. I woke up ready to go and face the day. I have been cleaning and doing laundry all day and even have the desire to go back to bed. It feels so good to feel good. Thank you!"