“The lockdown is saving thousands of infant lives and we should all want to know why.” 

- Mark Blaxill, author of Age of Autism and Denial


On June 18th, 2020 Amy Becker and Mark Blaxill published a research paper titled Lessons From the Lockdown: Why are so many fewer children dying?  I quickly read the paper in full and listened to an interview with Mark Blaxill discussing details of the paper.  To be quite honest, I was electrified by what I saw.  Why?  Because it strongly reinforces what I have seen in my own personal experience working as a natural holistic doctor for the past 12 years: our survival increases with less doctoring and less medical intervention.

The data compiled by Mark and Amy was taken from the most recent number put out by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and then compared to other previous years.  I will summarize the authors’ findings here in 3 distinct points:

1. Tens of thousands more Americans than expected died in a brief period starting in the fourth week of March. Five weeks later, the death numbers were back to their typical range. (Fig 1)

figure 1

2. Even though the novel coronavirus is not deadly to 99.74% of the United States population, it is clear that the death risk is highest among the elderly. (Fig 11)

3. And here’s the most interesting piece of data by far: since early March, the death rate of children 0-1 years of age sharply declined. By the time spring arrived, roughly 30% fewer infants died. (Fig 14)

figure 14

Fig 14 is truly dramatic.  That is a stat I am glad to see fall!  As it stands, the number one leading cause of death for babies in this country, beside congenital defects, is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  This means little infants are put down in their beds and never wake up for reasons that are not clear.  The question we need to answer is, why is infant death rate suddenly falling so sharply?  With near universal lockdowns starting in March, could it be that since more parents had to stay home, they were able to give their babies more love and affection?  I don’t think so.  Did nCoV have some sort of effect where it reduced the congenital malformations in babies just born?  Not likely.

The conclusion I have come to is the fact that the CDC has also published data noting that the lockdown has severely disrupted the normal childhood vaccine schedule.  Kids have not gotten their shots at their well-baby checkups because they aren’t coming in for their usual appointments.

In all fairness, I could be wrong.  Maybe it really is because babies just needed to be held more.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful discovery?  I realize many theories abound regarding SIDS, but the one that is certainly most controversial is the relationship of SIDS and vaccines.  The CDC’s own website states that “Vaccines have not been shown to cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.”  I understand.  If you read gage 11 of the Tripedia vaccine insert (the DTaP made by Sanofi) it has SIDS listed right there on the insert, along with autism.  The CDC still claims that vaccines do not cause autism (on their website) but I also know the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) sued them and found out that they don’t have a SINGLE study to backup that claim.  Frankly, I was surprised to still see the claim on their website after they were court ordered to take it down.  They do not have a credible leg to stand on.

The bottom line is this information is a signal.  A signal is something that should cause our authorities to wake up and pay attention to what is happening.  We cannot squander this data!  It is very important to understand this data so we can save the lives of children in this country.  When you see a stat change this dramatically it must be investigated.  Right now, the United States is at the bottom of all industrialized nations in regard to infant death.  It is awful.  Who is at the top, you might ask?  Japan has the least number of babies die in the first few days and weeks of life.  They do far fewer vaccines with their infants than we do.  I understand correlation does not equal causation, but it certainly is powerful data.

At Infinite Wellness Natural Healing Center, we do not do any drugs, surgeries, or shots.  As a natural holistic doctor, I stand in the gap between the patient and the more invasive interventions that are frequently fraught with side effects.  I work as hard as I can to limit the need for things that cover up symptoms like a mask and never address the root underlying cause.  I champion protecting the health of children because I love to see healthy babies.  If you are worried that your child may have suffered harm from pharmaceutical interventions, please contact me- I want to help.  At our office we have a full line of products for doing homeoprophylaxis to help strengthen the energetic resilience of the immune system.  Call us at 763-657-1285 for details.

Daniel McDonald, DC

Updated 7/5/2020