What is Chiropractic?


Chiropractic is the art, science and philosophy of correcting structural misalignment's to improve nervous system communication.  You see, the way the body is designed is such that the brain is the master control center – meaning it is tasked with the responsibility of coordinating all bodily functions.  Every part of the body has its own unique function (such as the function of the eye is to see, the function of the heart is pump blood to all the tissues, etc.) and the brain must synchronize their functions together to create health.  The brain uses the nerves similar to electrical wires to transmit information to all the parts.  If the nerves become disturbed or irritated due to structural misalignment's along the spine, then the function of the chiropractor is to correct those misalignment's and restore balance to the nervous system.


If I may use an analogy, think of the body as an orchestra.  An orchestra has different musicians in it such as the violin, the flute, or the clarinet.  Each musician has a different function based on their unique instrument.  The conductor is tasked with the responsibility of coordinating all the functions of each musician to create the grand symphony.  The conductor is similar to the brain of the orchestra.  If, for example, the violinist can’t read the music sheet or can’t see the conductor it will be very difficult for the violinist to participate properly.  A well trained chiropractor is the one who removes such interference and helps to enhance the coordination of all the functions so your body can achieve health which is the grand symphony of all the bodily tissues.


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Dr. Daniel McDonald, DC

Updated 4/5/20



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